Hurricane Sandy Print Fundraiser

A Letter from Isa

Dear Friends,

Many of the images from my Thrills & Chills series were taken on the Jersey shore. I feel obligated use these images to help folks living on the shore who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I was raised in NJ and have happy childhood memories of visiting the shore with my Grandpa Donnie. Sadly, the Jersey shore of my childhood is now gone. I want to help rebuild this area for future generations to cherish.

From now through the end of the year, I will donate 20% of any income I derive from sales of gelatin silver prints from my Thrills & Chills series to Rebuilding Together and to Architecture for Humanity’s Restore the Shore Fund.

The main reason why I chose these two organizations is that they are focused on rebuilding affected communities. Although the emergency response work that’s currently underway is crucial, I think it’s equally important to help communities rebuild after a disaster. Months and even years after the media attention given to Sandy has faded, the need will still be great. Both organizations also have high scores on Charity Navigator, which was part of my criteria for selecting organizations to support.

Corden|Potts Gallery and Richard Levy Gallery have generously offered to match my donation on any sales of my Thrills & Chills gelatin silver prints.

That means your purchase of any of these prints will result in 40% of the proceeds going directly to Rebuilding Together and to Architecture for Humanity’s Restore the Shore Fund.

For assistance with purchasing my work, please contact one of my galleries.

If you are not interested in purchasing artwork, please consider donating directly to Rebulding Together and Architecture for Humanity.

The task of selecting charities for this fundraising effort was overwhelming because the need is so great. The Food Banks of NJ and NYC are doing incredible work and I highly recommend supporting them. The Food Bank of NJ is currently distributing over 100,000 lbs of food DAILY to people affected by Sandy. That is truly amazing. Occupy Sandy has also been doing incredible work in NYC and in NJ as was reported in a recent article in The New York Times.

Please also consider supporting the ASPCA or Best Friends Animal Society or the Humane Society of the United States which have deployed emergency response teams and/or are offering emergency grants to shelters in affected communities.

Being a Jersey native, I cannot resist adding a bit of Garden State flair to this fundraiser by offering a few incentives.

Anyone who supports this fundraising effort in any way —including sharing this letter on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere— will receive a big hug from me the next time I see you. And, if you like, I’ll conjure my best Jersey accent, pound my chest, and bellow “Joisey Strong, Baby!” or “Whadda yew lookin’ at?”. Take your pick.

To further sweeten the deal, anyone who purchases one of my prints or contributes $100 to one of the charities listed above, will receive a very special gift.

Email me proof of your purchase or donation and I will email you a highly embarrassing photo of myself as a teenager. Since this photo was taken in New Jersey during the 80s, I had a truly impressive mane of permed and jelled hair and highly questionable taste in clothing. I assure you that this picture is some high-quality blackmail fodder. How can you possibly resist?

Thanks so much for helping me with this fundraising effort in whatever way you can.

Warm Regards,